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Extreme hardcore face fucking, ebony hoodrats, ghetto double penetration, yellow discipline and interracial throat banging of the Ghetto Gaggers. - Ghetto Gaggers ®

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Clap Her Cheeks

Added: April 1, 2023 | Runtime: 01:04:10 | 939 Photos
Face cheeks, ass cheeks, I just got this term from brother reek. This swirler has divested long ago. I don't know why, I never really asked, but I've been leaning towards that Willy Wonka-ish lately myself, because I'm tired of Karens and the BS that YT women ALWAYS end up bringing. Can we collectively tell them to STFU? Especially the ones with that fuckin accent like Ron Wood. This girl loves us and we love her, and that's why she's always keeps coming back because she's deeply appreciated. But that doesn't mean two white dicks aren't going to ham on her holes. Let's see--throat, ass, pussy, heck we may have even created a new one. She drank the yellow d in a pov, and her ass got slammed like a door in a Jehovah witness' face. She took 4 cumshots, and ate 3. We didn't season them though. The 4th nut is busy creating a mixed miracle. Let's see if there's a bun in the oven next time she's here.

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